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June 17, 2006



Ahem, I sang a song at Christmas..


Yes, you did! Not all of my family are party poopers!

Aunt Julia

I think Cedrick would sing some Elvis if you gave him the mic!

You should have seen him singing down the side walk this weekend. It was really comical!


Oh my gosh, too funny. Thanks for making me laugh all the way in Germany!!!!


Now that I think about it, I can relate to your crazy professor burping into your answering machine. I was a sophomore in college registered for Calc 3 (barfo.) There were two classes with a great professor, one with a horrible prof. I registered for the good prof and to my surprise, the horrible prof showed up on the first day. Seems there was a schedule conflict of some sort, and the two instructors had to switch classes.

Naturally, I flipped out. Calc 3 was going to be hard enough, let alone having a horrible instructor that could barely speak English. So I called the "good" professor, Dr. Schmidt, and reached his voice mail. My intention was to explain that I registered for the other session because I thought he was teaching it and to politely ask that he consider adding me to the course he was now teaching.

My voice mail went something like this: "Hello, Dr. S**t, my name is Michael K**** and I'm trying to get into your Calc 3 class." Then there was an extremely long pause as I realized what I just said, how insulted he must be at this point, and panic came over me because I wondered if I would ever get into his class.

I did however finish my message and apologized for my language malfunction. When I saw Dr. Schmidt in person, he told me not to worry and he got a good laugh from my mishap.


Classic answering machine faux pas, Mike--Thanks for sharing!

Some other mis-speak favorites: when our minister accidently said "breast" instead of "best" in the middle of his sermon; a local judge who regularly pronounces the word "condemn" like "condom"; my constant struggle to say the word "pianist" without it sounding like "penis." As in, "He is a very talented PIANIST," or "I need a good PIANIST."


I can't even imagine the looks you'd get when "I need a good PIANIST" sounds like "I need a good penis." Oh my!

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