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June 16, 2006



During my "biomedical career" I watched many dedicated researches scrape for funding to keep their labs up and running as they researched all cancers, breat cancer was researched in 8 of the 30 labs I oversaw at the small university with no medical school - I can only imagine the larger scale efforts at universities affiliated with hospitals. The amount of funding available for medical research is scarce..however there has been plenty of money spent on emptying those boots you lined up last week..

Further, when prostate cancer became prominant WHAM - cryoablation and the PSA blood test (prostatic specific antigen) were developed, implemented and covered by insurance. I believe the male dominated medical community was not about to lose their man-hood...

Yet for women's cancers the progress has been slow and I find no irony that Susan Love, back in the late 70's fought to have lumpectomy accepted over total mastectomy. Also, there is a CA125 blood test that, last I knew (about 3 years ago) was under $100.00. This test can identify indices for ovarian cancer yet it is not given or offered with the routine Pap smear and insurance companies don't cover it....

All the grass roots organizations who raise the awareness and money for women's cancer research are fantastic and I can't say enough positive things about them. I just wish there was a way to get more concrete answers for women.

One last comment - while I have your attention! More women, especially African American women suffer from heart disease; heart attacks and high blood pressure' than any other area of society. Yet if you read the research on these illnesses, most of the studies are performed on middle-aged Caucasian men. Medicaitons are formulated for that segment of society and then altered to treat others.

So as women, how do we get the attention fo the "Good old boy's club" and get improvement in our healthcare?? Pink bras....maybe...but better make them lacey and sheer...

(stepping off my soapbox)

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