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April 04, 2007



Yes, I was begining to get worried! I thought maybe you were just up to your ears in work. Sorry you're still not feeling well. At least you know this is the last time, right??? haha. Have a great Easter weekend. Give the kids hugs and kisses from us. We'll see you all as soon as we can. Miss you all.


"Here she is! Our new baby girl born */**/****, 5:19 p.m. 8 lbs., 1 oz., 19". Labor and delivery went very well. Pat, Logan and my mom were there, and Logan helped count when it was time to push! We are all doing great - I go back on Tuesday to have a stent removed from my ureter, then I should be good as new. Thanks again for all of your thoughts/support during a difficult pregnancy - it was so worth it all."

Because I am an e-mail pack rat, I still have the message you sent out when Kiki was born. I know you'll be saying the same thing after "3" arrives. Hang in there!

Aunt Nancy

Hopefully this barfing will come to an end soon and you can enjoy getting chunky =) Can't wait for the 4/27 news, then we can blog about what to name her =)

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