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April 15, 2007



1) I still predict a girl
2) How do you know what a sweaty jock-strap tastes like?


Oh my, an Easter without peanut butter eggs???

I love the naming rights idea...good way to start a college fund. When do we submit our entries?



Chocolate..I can relate. I was pretty much lactose intollerant with both kids. Oh, how I longed for a glass of milk! So, are you due around your birthday? Each one of your child's births have been on someone else's birthday in the family. Maybe this time it's your turn. As for selling the rights to the name, why don't you let Logan and Kiki decide? I'm sure that would be an interesting experience.


How do I know what a sweaty jock-strap tastes like? Same way I know what the sweaty armpit of an Amsterdam hooker tastes like - new flavors of Bertie Bots Every Flavor Beans.


Stay away from the "Ernest Borgnine butt funk" flavor. It sounds good, but believe's not.
As for the name.... I've always liked Walker or Texas Ranger.


Sorry, that last one was a little nasty.

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