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June 07, 2007



Whew! I'm glad you found how exhilarating Oxyclean can be. I've still never been in a Walmart.


On my one and only visit to a Walmart, someone stole my purse. It was in the cart, I never left it alone, it was some sneaky, obviously experienced thief.

I reported it immediately. Within 10 minutes it was at the security desk. Someone came up, said I found this purse and took off and out the door.

I looked inside, nothing was gone ... my wallet had been opened, rummaged through and credit cards and cash was still there. The only thing was, my CCW permit had been taken out and left in the purse.

Security said the thief probably thought I was a cop and decided to scratch the idea of ripping me off.

I've never been back.


Well, it's be a really long time since I've been to a Walmart. I just can't handle the crowds, people, smell, and horrible lighting that makes me look ill.

On the whole SAHM thing, I completely understand. I've been trying to work from home all week, get over jet lag, and a small cold.

Tomorrow is the last day of school, and finally I can sleep in a bit....yeah whatever.


Ok, I absolutely love Walmart's photo processing. You can e-mail your pics in and pick them up in an hour. Walmart one-hour uses a matte photo paper, so even the so-so pics look good with the nice finish.

Other than that, I absolutely HATE going to Walmart. There must be some requirement that you have to live in a trailer park to work and shop there.

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