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June 16, 2007



When thinking about the third child (I think Frances is adorable and goes great with you last name by the way) just remember you don't have to divide any part of your life (heart, time, etc.) it just swells to fill the need.


No offense (did you expect that I wouldn't be opinionated?) but don't name your kid Charlotte, Frances, or Lucy! Lucy is a dog's name. Charlotte and Frances are old, crotchity grandma names.

Megan is cute, but mainstream. I wouldn't expect that from you.

Sophia is elegant...that's more like it.


...and to finish out my comment, you will be a great mother of 3. Don't second guess yourself...if anybody can do this, it's you!

I'm still stuck on the names. I took a look at girl's names...Emma, Ava, Olivia are all cute, but are the most popular right now. I found Teagan on a list of Irish girl names. It means "little poet." It struck me because it sounded like a combination of Keelin, Logan, and Megan to me.


Oh yes, Teagan is very cool...and while Frances may be old fashioned - Frannie is cute


You are seriously the most dynamic and capable woman I have ever met. Although we haven't talked in a long time, I read your blog regularly and feel connected to you, Patrick and the kids. You will be nothing less than amazing and wonderful to all three children - and Elsa Lucille was almost just Lucille - so I am a fan of Lucy - but all of the names are great.


My hairdresser has two dogs, one is Ricky, the other is Lucy. So I agree with Michael that Lucy sounds like a dogs name. Megan does sound cute with your last name. Forget the other names, your child will hate you for it. I have never forgiven my mom for my name. You will be great with three kids, you have enough love in your heart for all of them.


Hey, I'm not choosey on names either, but you kind of have to keep with the "theme" of non-mainstream names, although Logan is a pretty popular.

You'll be just fine, like always. And remember, it's ok to freak out a little, but just remember, kids don't know the differnece between a good mom and bad mom, until they are well into their 30's....


The third name will start with Lo-Ki-(then her name) anyway ... so be sure it has an easy flow for yelling.

You are already all sorts of amazing Tiffany, mother of three will just add to the list.


Frannie???? Let's get real here people. We don't want Baby #3 to get made fun of for the rest of her life.


I'm doing a write in on the ballot...
Lily, Alexis, Sara(which was almost your name),Kate, Lynn, Jenna. Actually, I'm sure whatever you pick will be perfect.

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