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August 31, 2006



Why is it the first thing I noticed is The Kitchen Lounge (referred to as TKL) is your initials? I am working on my entry, but I first need to decide on who will be my main course!


Ok, I'd like to give it a try, but I'm afraid that I may not have this jist of this game quite right, and may come out sounding like a astranged canible..but here we go.

If I were to eat you..."nooked" for 3 minutes, and popped to perfection!

Unca B

Because I don't have alot of time now, I will only make one "If I was going to eat you," pertaining to Patrick: Some sort of puffed rice cereal coated in granulated sugar, then drenched in honey, then glazed with maple syrup, and topped with a nice corn syrup sauce. Served in a giant mixing bowl with organic soy milk and a 32 oz spoon.


Cuz cow's milk is for calves.

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