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February 28, 2007



What a fantastic chronology. Nice to see you have not only taken the Michigan family old photos! Love the black jacket - I KNOW Patrick was into NKOTB....

Happy Birthday father and son!


Happy Birthday Boys!


I think NKOTB may have been a bit later, but definately New Edition: "Candy girl - baby you are my world. You're love's so sweet, you're a special treat."

The funniest part is that Patrick probably won't read this post for weeks. HA!


Happy Birthday Logan and Patrick! I hope there are two cakes and two kinds of ice cream!

Aunt Grace

Hello! Happy Birthday to Uncle P and Logan! We are so excited to see you in a couple of weeks. I love the pictures. I swear I have a similar one of Brian and Xavier like the first picture. It's got to be the eyebrows! Love and kisses. See you soon.


RE: Easter 2002 pic, I thought for sure SOMEONE would have a witty comment about the "plant" growing out of the top of Patricks head. LOL


Plant? Those are his bunny ears.


Nothing beats the Michael Jackson buttons....Happy Birthday guys!

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