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May 29, 2007



Texas? Is that where you really went when I thought you were staying with grandma :)
And #7...I forgot about "Mr. BlueEyes" Wonder what he is doing now, and wonder if he is still hot looking.


Re #1: Come on Tiff, you know you want to. Give it a try, it doesn't hurt.


Ok, Mike - you're right. And if I loose that battle, the title of my first poop post will be "Tucks Pads: A Breath-Mint For Your Ass."

Michael you're talkin'.



Congratulations on quitting and doing the SAHM-thing!! You have to send me your home email since I only have your work one. I've been keeping up with you but unfortunately haven't been keeping up my page. All is well, still, I walked a mini-marathon and I'm dating someone now! I definitely don't want to lose track of you!



Ok, well learned some unusual facts, but most of them I already knew, except that whole nightmare wild imagination! I've got reef pictures up, you should check them out. Later

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