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August 27, 2007




I am glad you will still post to flicker.

The memories you are making with your children by staying home, will be held closer in the heart than those they read in a post years from now.

I hope the next three weeks fly by so we can meet Sophie Rose !

Aunt Grace

Wow, this comes as a shock, but then not really. I too have had no time to blog lately, and then everytime I remember, it's just too late. Good luck to you, we will miss your blog, being that we are so far away, it was our only window to view our family in OH. Keep the photos coming, we can't wait to meet little one #3. Again, thanks for the inspiration, and we'll have to see what the future holds.

aunt sheila

We will miss your humor and your updates on your family. We can completely understand though. We will be waiting for the newest addition and by the way what about Macy. It is different and sounds really cute with your last name. Good Luck to All of you.


Macy? Mother, sometimes you scare me.

Tiff - I completely understand not having enough posts on CO are becoming fewer and further between. I will miss Fannee Doolee though. Your posts are always so fun to read. Good luck!


I think Macy is cute!

aunt sheila

I'm glad you think it's cute Tiffany. Sorry Mr. perfect that you don't.Sometimes you scare me.

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