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September 16, 2007



Hi Tiff... I'm not sure if I count as a stalker (entirely possible) or a reconnected friend, but I'm one of the readers who has thoroughly enjoyed the last year or so of reading with you! I even have my own blog... but rarely find myself commenting on any of the many others I read. From the way-back point of rooming together our first year at Cap to this moment - it has been such a pleasure to see updates on your life and "get to know" your family. Thanks for sharing everything, and a gigantic Welcome to your new addition!


Tiff, you look fabulous!!! I wish you all of the best luck with the labor and delivery! I am here for you ANYTIME. Feel free to call me if you need a break or sleep...I will come to the rescue! I remember those day and I wish I had someone to lean on for help! Good Luck and I cannot wait to meet that baby!

PS. Be sure to use that birthing ball, think of the ocean, bring music, and most of all drugs....hehe. I know you are a strong, this will be easy!!!!!

Aunt Grace

I will miss your blog terribly. Not only was it inspirational to me, but it helped us stay close to you after we moved. We miss game night, and birthday parties, and trips to the zoo. We miss swaping stories and dinner parties with karaoke. I plan on keeping my blog, as it has become so much more to me than just a mere artistic outlet. I hope that it continues to bring you closer to our lives although we are so far away. We are looking forward to hearing about our new little neice any day. Give big sister Kiki, and big brother Logan big hugs and kisses from us. We miss you all so much.


Perhaps you can plan Fannee reunions from time to know we'll all look forward to that :)

I'm with ya...let's get the show on the road! Looking forward to that next update!!!

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